Bioinformatics Centre

The Bioinformatics Centre was established at the centre as a dry lab. The Centre has a dedicated Internet connectivity, necessary hardware and software resources to initiate and support the SBRC, as a Bioinformatics / Biotechnology programmes. An advanced IT infrastructure with high end servers, routers, switches and wired and wireless LAN was built up during this period. A Bioinformatics Reference Books, Journals, Databases etc. were also set up. SBRC have organized Bioinformatics trainings and sharing of resources time to time. The Centre also collaborates with Industries and other Institutions. Bioinformatics students who doing their graduation, post graduation and all Research Scholars are allowed to carry out their Project work, Dissertation & Training in the Centre. Development of integrated databases and software tools on various aspects of Genetic Resources and their management are also possible, this is one of the key activities of this centre.


The SBRC library provides support to Research and Development work of the centre by acquiring global scientific literature, organizing them for ease of use and better access. It also caters to the needs of the scholarly community of other Institutes, Universities and Organizations. The period under report witnessed the transition of the library from a conventional to an electronic one by embarking upon library automation, subscription of e-journals, offline and online databases, Internet connectivity etc. The library has been automated with LIBSYS software. All the books were bar coded for easy retrieval. LAN and Internet connectivity with independent nodes, server and a juke box for CD storage were added.

Infrastructure Facilities

Research farms

Research farm area is fairly developed at Kanpur and Azamgarh centre where more than 40% of the unfertile area is covered with the field experiments under different projects.


The SBRC Administrative Building and Laboratories, Office situated at Kanpur and also a guesthouse and a large number of green houses / experimental sheds are constructed at Azamgarh. At Azamgarh, new buildings were added to accommodate the office of the SBRC and Animal cum Plant health care centre. Also residential buildings and a Canteen is going under construction. The major structure facilities available are furnished below.

Biocontrol lab

A full-fledged Biocontrol Lab has been constructed to intensify the Biological control activities of the centre.

Farm office

A new office building is constructing for the SBRC Experimental Farm at Azamgarh.