About Us


SBRC is one of the innovative centre in India to create a new dimension in Biosciences. The aim of the Research centre is to conduct Research & Training in frontier and multidisciplinary areas of modern biology. Our main objective is to provide large competent groups of trained human resources in the field of Biosciences for Research, Institutes, Universities , Colleges, & Industries.


To extend Services and Technologies in the field of Bioinformatics, as trained human resources.

• Development and improvement of Bioinformatical Softwares & Tools.

• System approach for sustainable developed Bioinformatics programs.

• Creating new databases in the field of Bioinformatics.

• Providing new platforms for human resources in the field of Bioinformatics

To develop high yielding and high quality varieties and sustainable production using traditional and non-traditional techniques and novel Biotechnological approaches, with emphasis on Product Development and Diversification for domestic and export purposes.

• To make valuable herbal product with the help of Biotechnological approaches.

• To improve of valuable plants through Plant Tissue Culture for high yielding and high quality.

• Biotechnological approaches for developing Biotic and Abiotic Stress resistance in all valuable plants.

• To develop a new platform for Human Resources in field of Biotechnology.

To act as a centre for Training in Research Methodology and Technology upgradation of Biosciences and to coordinate Research Projects.

• Extension and training

• Developing customized software and expert systems on specific area.